Rob Elder, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Although Rob enjoys training with all age groups, the 40-year-old-plus group is where he finds the most satisfaction.  He believes the mature adult somehow seems to have forgotten the importance of “diet & exercise.”  Rob likes to refer to various medication TV commercials where there seems to be a common factor -- many of these commercials state “along with diet and exercise” or “if diet and exercise alone don’t work.”  Rob believes diet & exercise are the main defense against most chronic illnesses.  Although there are always going to be exceptions, for the masses, diet & exercise will work.  For the “but what if” people, regardless of your situation, diet & exercise will improve many of the chronic conditions you might have.  Rob has been training with mature adults and seniors since 2014 and with few exceptions every one of his clients has shown vast improvement from where they started.  It doesn’t matter where your starting point is, that’s where Rob will start working with you. Everything from losing weight and strength gains to better balance.  The balance game is something most individuals start losing at age 50 and beyond.  Unfortunately, most people don't start working on balance until they start losing it and realize how important it is.  This is true too of strength & conditioning, but it's something that is easily corrected. Rob believes it is essential that you learn to correctly exercise to avoid wasted time in the gym or the expense of an untimely injury.  Rob is here to help you learn proper technique and form and to help you find your balance in life. 


Rob is NOT currently accepting new clients.  





 3130 E. Baseline Rd #110, Mesa, AZ 85204       480-813-3856




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