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The East Valley's Premier Personal Training Studio

How can a personal trainer help you?  Here are a few ways:
  • Guidance - get instruction and guidance from a trained professional on the right exercises to do to meet your fitness goals. 
  • Set goals - personal trainers will help you set specific, measurable and realistic goals that are SMART and attainable for you.
  • Correct form/fewer injuries - a personal trainer will help you stay safe during your exercise sessions by making sure you're using proper form. You'll be less likely to suffer an injury if you exercise using proper form.
  • Accountability - if you have an appointment, you'll be more likely to show up. If you show up, you'll work hard and see results.
  • Food choices - not sure what you should eat to meet your fitness goals? A personal trainer can help guide you by providing you with good food choices and suggestions.
  • Motivation - it never hurts to have your own personal cheerleader helping you through tough workouts.  A personal trainer can keep you motivated every day, even on days you aren't working out with them.


​My Fitness Studio, located in Mesa/Gilbert, Arizona, is a family owned and operated personal training studio where you can work with a personal trainer either individually or semi-privately.  In business since 2011, the personal trainers at My Fitness Studio are experienced, certified and knowledgeable.  With a wide array of professional training equipment available, your trainer will get you into the best shape of your life.
At My Fitness Studio you'll feel welcomed and comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.  We offer a friendly, non-intimidating environment where you can work out feeling relaxed and at ease.  Your trainer will guide and instruct you so you can focus on becoming your best you ever!

Mesa personal training workout, if it was easy, it wouldn't be called a workout.

Get the BODY you want and the FITNESS you need at the STUDIO you love!
My Fitness Studio, Mesa, Arizona
Where fitness can be fun!

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 3130 E. Baseline Rd #110, Mesa, AZ 85204       480-813-3856




Get the body you want at the studio you love!
My Fitness Studio
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